Re: Unbuilt kits

Jeff Helm

As someone who hesitated to buy Sunshine and other resin or craftsman kits when I was just beginning to develop my modeling abilities because they were “beyond my skill set ”, I missed out on some great models with complexity that I’m now about ready to handle.  I feel fortunate that newer manufacturers such as Resin Car Works, Yarmouth and National Scale Car, along with other individuals like Chad Boas and Jerry Hamsmith, are producing some fine models for prototypes I now want.  I don’t hesitate to buy and stash now, having learned my lesson.  I have also chased down a few “must have” out-of-production kits on my wishlist through various means and will continue to do so.

I did amass a large stash of styrene kits and enjoy contemplating adding improved details or modifying them with mini kits that I am acquiring.  My collection of unbuilt kits and detail parts far outnumbers my completed projects for now, but I feel no shame, only anticipation.

Since I am still working full time, my modeling hours are quite limited.  I plan to accelerate my building within the next few years and hope to enjoy my hobby for many years in retirement if health and dexterity allow.  I’m cheered by seeing many highly skilled modelers in their retirement years on these forums.  

My advice to anyone who has a serious interest in high fidelity modeling would be not to hesitate in buying it when you see it, if your finances allow.


Jeff Helm
The Olympic Peninsula Branch

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