Re: Unbuilt kits

Nolan Hinshaw

On Mar 27, 2022, at 07:59, BRIAN PAUL EHNI <bpehni@...> wrote:

Tim’s comment reminds me of when I got out of the Army, and moved back to Houston to look for work in early 1987. I went to Joseph A. Bank to buy two “interview suits” (as most of my clothing was either BDU fatigues or dress greens and blues). After selecting and getting fitted for the suits, I salesman asked about shoes. Then he mentioned “when you invest in a good pair of shoes”.

In my mind, my reply was along the lines of “You mean I can resell these later for a profit????”
There's invest-ment, and invest-iture, Brian, and this could be the second meaning.
Willie was a chemist,
Now Willie is no more.
What Willie thought was H2O
Was H2SO4

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