Re: Unbuilt kits


I too have a layout to build, but I have surveyed all my remaining painted and lettered plastic kits and I'm trying to get the last of them built.  That will probably happen this year.  At least, the ones that are fairly accurate.  Some of the remainder may go in the dunk tank if they're a body style I need, or they may go out.

Undec plastic kits, I'm hanging on to, or at least building those out more slowly, because I have several things in mind for those.  But we're not talking about more than a few dozen of those. 

Resin kits, I must have 20 of them in partially built state, but since they're getting harder to come by, I figure I'll probably work those down by the time I'm too bonkers to model any more.  I'm not sure how many I have, but two or three shelves full is a good description.  Some that are lower on my priority list might get eBayed at some point, but from the looks of what's been on eBay in Sunshine and Westerfield kits, everybody else who builds a serious collection for operation has done that too.  I'm amused by the kits I see there which, a year after they were announced by the original producer, were effectively superceded by plastic, even RTR, and I imagine that half of the ones that are out there are being offered by people who have absolutely no idea that their stuff is effectively worthless.

Ron Merrick

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