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Philip Dove

I heard from a Maker 20 years ago that he guessed only about 5% f the kits he produced were actually built at that time. So all those unbuilt kits are providing an important financial subsidy for the maker. So if you have no unbuilt kits your ahead of the game but those who have great unrealised carbuilding programmes can ease our conscience by thinking we provide vital economic support to the resin kit manufacturers..


On Sun, 27 Mar 2022 at 19:39, Bill Keene via <> wrote:
All of this talk about unbuilt kits got me to thinking about what is still on the shelf…

At present there are 35 unbuilt resin kits + 47 unbuilt plastic kits + six kit-bashes in various stages of modification on the workbench.  All of this has somewhat been put aside as the current focus is on the layout. ‘

That said… once in a while kit building is a relaxing break from layout construction. Work on the layout … work on a freight car … work on the layout … repeat. I had a friend that called such “planning” as the “raindrop theory”.  Progress is being made on a number of projects but eventually they all get completed. Just like raindrops eventually cover all of the sidewalk.

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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