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Here’s a couple shifted load pics from the Hagley.


The GR and GRA had weak ends that pretty much exploded on impact.


Plus, a converted G22 into G22C interior for scrap loading.


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Thought you’d enjoy the attached and see if anyone had the guts to model it.


I talked to a few of my friends, and we think it is a bad repair of a burned-out wooden floor.  The MRY is south of the PRR/Mon, which hosted many mills producing hot steel products like ingots and hot coil.  Correspondence has many examples of burnt-out cars.


These bad boys look great in a train, and then as a set-out or action (fire-fighting) in an ops session.


I have a number of bed order cars.  They usually cause much consternation.


What are your thoughts on this cool car?


Elden Gatwood

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