CB&Q 36' Livestock Car Kit

Bob Chaparro

CB&Q 36' Livestock Car Kit

An HO kit from Leadville Designs:


Description from the manufacturer:

“These cars were built by AC&F in the early 1920s for the CB&Q. With Z steel bracing, a wood roof and a KC WABCO brake system, these cars had a 60,000lb capacity.  This kit represents the 58000 and 59000 36' double deck stock cars as they ran on the CB&Q. These cars are equipped with AB brakes. These revolutionary kits comprise of etched brass and nickel silver components, 3D printed ABS frame with integrate brake hardware and train line, a full set of decals.

Each side is built up from 3 large are layers of metal etchings providing 6 levels of detail. Although this may sound complicated, each side has only 3 pieces to it! By laying out the components this way, incredible detail is achievable. All the grab irons and stirrup steps are free standing with ultra fine cross sections that is just not possible with any form of casting. Every nail hole and rivet is represented in incredible detail.

The frame is 3D printed in ABS. This process allowed for a single piece casting that includes ALL rivets, fully detailed channels, and a train line that looks like it's being held in place through some miracle act. To this, the lettering includes number sets for 6 cars. Couplers just drop in and your trucks screw in place. The amount of detail in these cars is mind blowing and assemble with ACC in as little as a couple of evenings.”

I have no connection, personal or financial, with Leadville Designs.

Bob Chaparro


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