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Philip Dove

I used to live in a coal mining area with a lot of coking plants and often the family car would be stuck behind a truck stacked high with coke that had just come out of the coke oven and been doused in water. We always started debating whether the load was on fire or just steaming. Steam would be pouring off the load. Perhaps along with the glowing load you need "smoke" units from toy locos all fuming away in neighbouring loads, and an anxious brake man staring out of his caboose. 

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I did a load of hot (burning) coke in a gon, for a guy that worked with me a while ago, that wanted some operational fun.


The load was real coke glued on top of a base with a AAA battery and flickering red light.  Removable for turning on and off and replacing battery.   It did not show too good in day, but at night, yes.


I have lost track of the photo I had of that car.  Too bad.


I also have a model of a PRR GR gon with portions of the flooring missing, that was a hit at some train shows.  You can see the trainline through the holes.  Modeled after the real thing.


There was a composite gon of unknown origin that roasted on the PRR Mon Line and was shoved into a siding, and sat for years.  What were they going to do with it?  It eventually had a Sumac tree growing up through it.  Finally, one day, it disappeared.


Elden Gatwood


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Somehow, this fired the imagination a bit: how would you model a gon rolling along in a train while on fire .  .  .   


(Coming back to reality,) good thoughts!  No, I am not doing anything more than showing bad paint and rust, but will need to give that a re-think.  


I suspect it is a much more noticeable element in some regions and some portions of some railroads than other places on the same railroad, or other railroads or regions.  But that’s just conjecture.






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Thought you’d enjoy the attached and see if anyone had the guts to model it.


I talked to a few of my friends, and we think it is a bad repair of a burned-out wooden floor.  The MRY is south of the PRR/Mon, which hosted many mills producing hot steel products like ingots and hot coil.  Correspondence has many examples of burnt-out cars.


These bad boys look great in a train, and then as a set-out or action (fire-fighting) in an ops session.


I have a number of bed order cars.  They usually cause much consternation.


What are your thoughts on this cool car?


Elden Gatwood

<PRR 751817 on MRY 1930.jpg>


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