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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Beautiful car, AND load, Dick!


I am a sucker for well, and well hole cars.  This one is fantastic.


Elden Gatwood


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I built this model of NYC well-hole car 499086 from a Quality Craft "1977 O Prestige Collector's Kit" after it had aged in several basements for 44 years.  Our list's "Quality Craft question" posts from last December were timely and most helpful - I ignored the kit's instructions to "Place the train line on both sides of the car" and I used kingpins to attach the trucks, as Ed Bommer suggested.  I made styrene replacements for the kit's paper parts and added uncoupling levers, brake beams and Precision Scale brake hoses.  I painted the car with MicroMark acrylics and weathered it lightly with AIM powders.


The car's removable load is based on a photo I found on the Fallen Flags website (  I have no idea what the huge rings were for, but they make interesting cargo.


I have an album featuring some of my models on the first page of our photo section.  They're all O scale and include everything from scratchbuilds to modified RTR cars.  I hope you will enjoy looking through them.


Dick Scott

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