That was me with a UMM issue. Got it to work this morning.
Last night, whenever you hit the Checkout button, it would dump the contents of your cart, log you out, and put you back on this page.  Rinse, Repeat...
Evidently it got fixed during the night. 
I ordered this (among other things) for the YMW stiles:
MN004 UMM™ 3D Photo Etch Elbow Bender
I have a Mission Models Etchmate, but all it does is mangle the stiles. Requires you to push a razor blade underneath the etching and then fold up, all the while trying to keep the edge of the razor blade from moving.  Bogus. The blade usually gets wedged.
This little UMM guy behaves more like a conventional sheet metal brake.
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA

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