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Schleigh Mike

It is surely inspiring to see such prolific and fine model work, Nelson----

Thanks for sharing.  We should all feel motivated by your example.

Regards from Grove City in western Penna. where it has been snowing (Not an April Fool comment)----Mike Schleigh

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Actually, it should be 27 stock cars. I only reported the 24 Sunshine CB&Q and one Westerfield RI. There was also another ATSF Westerfield and a GN Speedwitch car that I forgot about. I batch built the Q stock cars, and that was a mind boggling experience. I built them before I started taking in progress photos, but it was something to see with 24 cars spread out on the workbench. I attached a photo of the Q string, plus closeups of the other cars. I included the SM-18 underframe photo because the Challenger brass import and the Sunshine kit instructions are both incorrect about placement of the AB brake components, probably because both relied upon the Hundman drawing. No correct mechanical drawing has surfaced, but Ed Rethswisch researched the brake layout when he built his Sunshine kits. He noticed the instruction placement didn’t match the available photos, and I was the beneficiary of Ed’s work.




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My hat is definitely off to anyone who’s built 25 resin stockcars.  I’ve built under 10 and have 6 Westerfield kits on the shelf to do (4 MP and 2 RI). I dread sanding away the resin between the slats and then the cleanup of each board.  I’ll get to them eventually built but a resin boxcar kit seems to jump ahead of the stockcar queue every time.  
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.


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