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Charlie Vlk


Nice job on the Q Stock Cars!

They were one of the primary reasons I got into N Scale…..

…..back in 1964 resin was only being used for casting tree stumps.  Northeastern did not make Z stock small enough to do Q stock cars or single sheathed box cars and road specific production models were not even a dream….we only had KarLine doing varieties of roadnumbers and paint jobs on generic Athearn or Roundhouse box cars.

I had an LMB O1a that Pat Eagan had detailed for CB&Q #4978 and I painted up a Trains, Inc. four window waycar (actually, Drovers Car with end windows).  I realized that NOTHING was accurate for CB&Q and I would be driving myself crazy trying to put cars in between the tender and waycar.

So I decided to create a mythical railroad that magically had the very prototypes that the importers were bringing in for N Scale.   This worked for a few years…then Hallmark, Oriental and Shoreham Shops started doing Q prototypes in Brass.   If that wasn’t bad enough, I started a second career in the Model Railroad Industry and did it to myself selecting a bunch of Burlington subjects for production models.

So now, fifty-eight years later, I am back to about the point I started out in 1964…wanting to have a string of SM18 stockcars like you built.   It doesn’t look like the new kit is going to be the answer.   About 15 years ago a friend of mine did a Solidworks drawing and we had a couple of cars printed on a Prefactory printer that was capable of printing injection-molded quality parts.  Unfortunately, the ends were mishappened and the guy that had the printer moved back to New Zealand and never got the machine going again.  The prints were dead nuts scale and were not set up to accept N trucks and couplers.  I have since gotten modified files that separate the underframe from the body (the original car was one complete print!!) and have a printer but have not had the time available to play with it yet.

There are a number of signature CB&Q cars that I need so learning to do 3D CAD is another round to it I need to set some time aside for.  So far Shapeways has not had any quality CB&Q equipment except for a snowplow to mount on a flatcar.  There are Metra-ized gallery cars and a NE12 but they are pretty crude renditions.  I am hoping against hope somebody will do boiler and tender conversions for O1, O1a, O2 and O3 to convert USRA mikados to CB&Q….and, of course, NE waycars would be really nice subjects for 3D CAD as variations could be made to do the entire range of wood waycars….we already have great No.7 trucks to put under them!!

Charlie Vlk


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Actually, it should be 27 stock cars. I only reported the 24 Sunshine CB&Q and one Westerfield RI. There was also another ATSF Westerfield and a GN Speedwitch car that I forgot about. I batch built the Q stock cars, and that was a mind boggling experience. I built them before I started taking in progress photos, but it was something to see with 24 cars spread out on the workbench. I attached a photo of the Q string, plus closeups of the other cars. I included the SM-18 underframe photo because the Challenger brass import and the Sunshine kit instructions are both incorrect about placement of the AB brake components, probably because both relied upon the Hundman drawing. No correct mechanical drawing has surfaced, but Ed Rethswisch researched the brake layout when he built his Sunshine kits. He noticed the instruction placement didn’t match the available photos, and I was the beneficiary of Ed’s work.




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My hat is definitely off to anyone who’s built 25 resin stockcars.  I’ve built under 10 and have 6 Westerfield kits on the shelf to do (4 MP and 2 RI). I dread sanding away the resin between the slats and then the cleanup of each board.  I’ll get to them eventually built but a resin boxcar kit seems to jump ahead of the stockcar queue every time.  
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.


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