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Nelson Moyer

I’m glad you enjoyed seeing those cars. Someday I’ll get around to weathering them and put them on the layout. They’re in A-Line boxes now, along with all my resin cars. If you’re interested in following my work, I post all of my resin builds on the resincarbuilders io group. I don’t often double or triple post because of the image size and group storage limitation. The resinbuilders group archives have picture of almost all cars I’ve built except the plastic/resin hybrids, which are in the plasticcarbuilders io group. A few are on Proto-Modelers or this group. Last time I counted I had built around 200 resin cars.



Usually it’s the slats that are at risk of sanding through. I did that on two slats on my first car. I replaced the damaged slats with styrene strip, and after painting I couldn’t see the repair. Never happened again. Tape your sandpaper to a flat surface. I use a piece of flooring tile. Start with 220 grit until you get the feel of it, then for thick flash, you can start with 120 or 150 to remove most of the flash. Move to 400 to finish the job. The key is to sand with light even hand or finger pressure, and move your fingers around to cover  the entire surface of the side. If the flash is thick, I start with full hand pressure over the entire side. When the flash gets thin, I use three fingertips in a panel, anchored between the Z-bars, and I sand one panel at a time, repeating the process until all the flash is starting to peel off. Then I use  the tip of a #11 blade held perpendicular  to the slats in the hole between slats, and drag it along the space between slats to clear the remaining flash. Do this gently to avoid damaging the slats. If the flash is still forming a fillet between the slat and Z-bar, I square the joint (or sharpen the joint in the case of diagonal Z-bar) with a #11 blade. The process is tedious, but once you do a few, it gets easier and faster. Some have recommended using a foam pad to spread out finger pressure, but I prefer the tactile feedback from just using my fingers. A light touch prevents damaging the Z-bar and slats.


Nelson Moyer


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That is impressive!  I’ve only tried two and still haven’t mastered the process of sanding them thin without damage to the steel trusses.  Put them aside for another day.  Will have to get back to them. 




Gary Ray

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