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Tony I can't believe how I butchered that car and the Laconia Ralston Purina reefer.  I was in High School, summer vacation in Columbus OH visiting my Aunt and Uncle and we were in a model railroad hobby shop and I was in awe.  We didn't have shops like that where I lived, in NC.  I Couldn't wait to get home and start building and could never get either one of them done right or even close.
Oh well at least plastic and resin kits of today, have progressed to the point where I can get a halfway decent result.
Interesting article and thanks for sharing.

On Sun, Apr 3, 2022 at 1:36 AM Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:
Bud Rindfleisch  wrote:

>     Does anyone have a favorite model manufacturer paint that they've used for a Chateau Martin wine car? I realize there are several hues of these cars as noted throughout their careers and various fading and weathering and well documented on the CM website.

Bud, I used Vallejo 70.945, called “magenta.” It’s a fine match to the old Laconia kits, produced when the prototypes were running. For more on my use of it, you might be interested in my blog post, link below.

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