Re: GBW Aluminum Traffic (was Manifest of Lading)

Tim O'Connor


There was a large smelter in upstate New York on Lake Ontario for about a CENTURY. There is
a LOT of hydropower in the area, and a great deal of it is now being consumed by "Bitcoin miners".
I think by the 1950's there were also smelters in British Columbia and other places in Canada with
plenty of hydropower.

Tim O'Connor

On 4/2/2022 7:10 PM, Dave Nelson wrote:

Sorry, I missed this thread in Feb.

In the late steam era almost all Aluminum smelting occurred in Washington State.  This is because such smelting requires large amounts of electricity and due to the Columbia River dams that became the center of such work.  Taking a guess here I’ll speculate that most rail shipments of Aluminum ingots would have originated here and moved across the country to various processing plants.  I know of one such plant, an oddity: At the Kaiser Permanente Cement plant in Santa Clara County (a.k.a Silicon valley) Mr. Kaiser installed a Nazi aluminum rolling plant seized by the Allies at the end of WWII.  They rolled Kaiser Aluminum Foil there for a number of years, probably past the end of our list scope.  AFAIK it was the only such plant owned by Kaiser and that product was likely shipped nationwide.

Dave Nelson

Tim O'Connor
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