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Has anyone ever started a list of known errors in MM drawings? At least then if someone wants to use them, they know what to watch out for.

Don Burn

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You all are misunderstanding the point. Yes, Hundman’s drawings are handsome, and yes, he produced a great lot of them, and yes, mistakes happen. My own problem with Mr. Hundman is that he would never admit a mistake or omission, nor allow any correction. A letter containing even a faint criticism of MM would not be published. As a result, a number of MM errors, doubtless unintentional and perfectly correctable, were kept quiet by this policy.

Hundman may have had thin skin, he's certainly not alone in not liking criticism, but the real reason goes deeper. Bob Hundman was on a crusade to remake the standard for model railroad kits to follow the Kurtz Craft pattern, rather what Athearn, MDC, and Train Miniature had established as the defacto standard for plastic kits. He had finally found a 'live one' in Bill Gould, willing to risk his money on Hundman's vision, and the last thing he needed was someone to tell Gould, publicly, that he was wrong. Meanwhile, the only way the tankcar was going to get done was if he could find a drawing of a car with a four course tank, because, for all the skill Gould had as an engraver, he had limited expertise as a moldmaker. Richard's criticism of the choice of prototype therefore directly threatened the creation of this imagined new normal for plastic kits.

We all see how that worked out.

Dennis Storzek

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