David Wiggs

I too have done many drawing on the board using plastic lead and ink on mylar and many using CAD for the DoN.  I have to tell you, I much prefer the product done using CAD.  Line thicknesses could be chosen for weight instead of grabbing a different size lead holder.  To me, the drawing had to look "nice" on the "paper".  It is so much more work with a lead holder and eraser.  If I didn't like the way it looked, I could just block what I wanted and move it around til I liked it for the best presentation.  Many draftsmen don't care about things like that, but the arteest in me drove it.  On the board it was gold-plating but on the screen, it was nice.  Something else I did that no one else did was to draw my work in full scale, not scaled down.  It gave perfection to measurement and all you had to do was scale it when you printed it.

Davo in Orlando

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