Re: PS-2 Covered Hoppers

Tim O'Connor

If one is serious about model trucks, must do the prototype research. Also trucks could
be changed out depending on the age of the car. Two springs unless otherwise noted. And
plain bearing unless otherwise noted. "Barber S-2-A" is an approximation - could be Symington
or National, any kind of "ride control" plankless trucks.

Photos show --

ATSF Ga-105 :: 3-spring Barber S-2-A (maybe replacement?)
B&M :: ASF A-3
B&O :: ASF A-3, Barber S-2-A (N-43) (maybe replacements?)
B&LE :: ASF A-3
CofG :: Barber S-2-A plain & roller bearing, ASF A-3
GN :: ASF A-3 roller bearing
WM :: Barber S-2-A roller bearing
CNW ::
ASF A-3, Barber S-2-A (incl roller bearings. maybe replacements?)
M&StL :: ASF A-3
CRR ::
D&H ::
EJ&E ::
ASF A-3 roller bearing
L&NE :: Barber S-2-A
M-I :: Barber S-2-A
MILW :: Barber S-2-A
N&W :: ASF A-3
NP :: ASF A-3
NYC :: ASF A-3
P&WV ::
ASF A-3 roller bearing
PRR :: ASF A-3, Crown 3-spring trucks from retired 70 ton open hoppers
RI ::
SP :: ASF A-3
SOO :: ASF A-3

On 4/6/2022 2:26 AM, D. Scott Chatfield wrote:
If the buyer didn't specify otherwise, or provide their own trucks, Pullman supplied ASF 70-ton plain bearing A-3 Ride Controls.

Scott ChatfieldC

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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