Re: Athearn UOCX tank car

Tony Thompson

Doug Paasch wrote:

 I see that Athearn has just announced 10,000 gallon tank cars with 6 car
numbers available in the UOCX 10000-10544 series.  

The Athearn tank car is 12,500-gallons in size, but has far too small a dome (it’s the center dome from their 3-dome car). So it’s not a prototypical car at all, and anyway isn’t 10,000 gallons. You will note it also has extra rivet rows around the tank outside of the dome, which are also remnants of the 3-dome car. 

My questions are more about the Athearn paint scheme anyway.  Looking for
photos of UOCX cars on the internet for hours, I have yet to find a single
photo of the prototype with the Athearn paint job, that is dark blue body
with the orange Union circle and 76 logo, and bold white lettering of UNION
with orange shadow . . .

You are right, the standard UOCX cars were black (a few aluminum), but there was at least one like the Athearn paint job. They used to offer that scheme in their metal tank car line, as I show below, from a 1952 ad. This may have been a one-off, but it appears to be real. Note how different the shape of this car is, from the Athearn model. 

Tony Thompson

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