Poultry Car and Bobber Caboose Images

Alice Devenny



The most recent photo dump posted to the Fallen Flags site has two photos of freight car interest:  


The “RDG 2-8-0 2048” file shows a poultry car immediately behind the engine. Cannot see the name/number, but the photo establishes a time and place for such a car to appear (Reading, PA 4/31). 


The “RDG 2-10-2 3001” file shows the big engine coupled onto the rear of a train. Speculating now, it appears the engine is in helper service and ready to start a shoving move. Yet the car immediately ahead is a four-wheel bobber caboose. Not sure if I have ever seen a photo of this type of big rear-end helper/small four-wheel caboose combo this late in the game (Reading, PA 5/32).  


Tom Devenny 

East Norriton, PA  

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