A 'First' screwup?

Clark Propst

I've been match my decal pile to my plastic kit pile, trying to get as much done as possible before my wife puts me to hard labor outside...
These decals are from Mont Switzer. I used to do a car a few years back. Mont sent some photos of a 37 design car as-built. I used a Red Caboose car with some mods to better match the proto.
One photo shows Sunshine grain doors ready for loading. Plan is to have the car spotted with the other side showing (door closed) then turn the car while at the elevator, then turn back around when ready for pickup.
Another photo shows the mod to the corner sill tab and pulling loop, as we called them at work. The shot of the end shows the placard board mounted on straps...and a breakage repair attempt...
As I'm laying on a wash for weathering I noticed the body has square corners! I'd taken all my bodies out of their boxes and added weight to them all at once and gabbed the wrong body for this car!

I scraped off the end placard boards, removed the straps and reglued. Cut poling pocket castings off spare ends and glued on place, removed and replaced the doors and cut off the pulling loops and scraped off the decals. I've touched up the paint and now will use Southern decals on this square corner body. I have enough Monon decals for another W corner body...

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