Re: Diminishing hobby?

Jim Scott

I have no argument with the prices for rolling stock
and locomotives today because I also feel that the
quality has greatly improved and this you must pay
for. The fact that I bemoan is the RTR versus kits
and the reasoning that on one has the time to build
anything anymore. I feel that those that are into
this hobby now may be qualitfied to tackle the resin
kits because they have learned to build the "easy"
kits and then gradually moved to more difficult kits.
The modelers coming into the hobby now don't want to
take the time to learn how to, just give it to me done
so I can run it. That is a sorry state for this hobby
because without the knowledge of building the "easy"
kits you can't graduate to the harder ones that may
become unavailable due to lack of support because they
aren't "Ready-to-Run" but require work. I'll put my
soap box away now...

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA.
--- ljack70117@... wrote:
My Granddad would get all over you if you told you
wished for the "good
old days". He would say "yes I could buy a loaf of
bread for a nickel
and you could buy a pound of hamburger for 10 cents"
but He would say "
I did not have that nickel or dime". "Today I have a
job and I can
afford to days prices. I could not afford yesterday
Most people are not happy with today when ever today
is. But think if
time stopped for you 40 years ago, where would you
be. Yes you would
have a stone on your face.
We have more good models than we have ever had. even
the before the 50s
era. Model RRing is less expensive today than it was
50 years ago.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
On Monday, May 19, 2003, at 01:50 PM, tcschc wrote:

--- In STMFC@..., "J. Stephen
Sandifer" <jssand@e...>
posted the
following, written by Dean Hale:
Why? You can attribute a lot to the influence
of the computer and
internet. Plus the fact that model railroading
has become
that we enjoyed buying for $4.00 and building
have become
ready-to-run cars at
$20 and up. (Marklin sells an HO boxcar for
almost $40!) Plastic
locomotives that not long ago sold for $15 now
sell for $150 or
I find the cost argument to be bogus. Old people
always bemoan the
fatc that houses
that used to cost $10,000 now cost $100,000, cars
that were $3,000 are
$30,000, etc., etc. I doubt that the costs are
out of whack with the
rate of inflation.
They just seem that way to people who remember
them in absolute rather
relative terms. Resin freight car kits were $15
twenty years ago and
are now $30+.
That's life and the rate of inflation, not
absolute cost increases.

Ted Culotta

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