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Ian Cranstone

I remember getting a fairly intensive tour of a former Canadian Northern Ten-Wheeler some years ago, which included a good look inside the tender. Along with interior baffles to keep the water from sloshing around too much were some interior steam lines which could be utilized in cold weather – and given that a number of these engines were employed on the Canadian prairies in some very cold winter months, I would imagine that such lines were standard equipment. Thinking about it, I would imagine that the tender would either have to be drained or exterior steam lines connected if the engine were allowed to sit fireless for any period of time during the winter months.

And to keep it freight car related, some tank cars were equipped with interior steam lines as well. I would imagine that company service water cars would have needed steam connections on a continuing basis as well.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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Hi Phillip,
Insulating layer - good possibility.
You also wrote: "On the other hand whoever heard of a steam locomotive with a lagged tender tank?". Good question - could the water in the tender freeze? Why not? Perhaps there is a way to inject steam into the tender cistern to keep the water from freezing if a locomotive is out in extreme cold for extended periods of time? Just a guess on my part!
Claus Schlund
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I think we are looking at an insulating layer if you enlarge the picture you can see lots of vertical lines that might be a wrapping of insulation. Insulating a water car that might freeze would seem logical as expanding ice could burst the tank. On the other hand whoever heard of a steam locomotive with a lagged tender tank?.

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I found this picture in a group of unsorted pictures.
 I did not take the picture, probably bought it.
It was with a group of Iowa pictures. There wasn't anything written on the back.
HSTX 1008
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