Re: Candidates for Accurail cars

Marty McGuirk


CN 573500 series total of 1179 cars, were themselves rebuilt from the 582000-582499 series cars. I’ve attached a side on view of the original 582000 car, which were 1-1/2 door cars, for comparison to the Accurail model. I personally don’t think the Accurail model is close enough to this particular group of cars, especially when there are more accurate choices for the Accurail car, and the basic Accurail model is a model of a CN car.  For starters, the Accurail car is a 9-foot tall car, the 573500 series were 10-0 tall, and the 582000-series cars  had one fewer “panels” to the left of the doors. 
If you want an interesting “variant” on the Accurail model consider adding a 1/2 door to the car to create the 9-foot height 1-1/2 door cars? 

Suggest you check out Richard Hendrickson’s Feb 1993 article in RMJ for a detailed history of these cars, and some others that the Accurail model is a good stand in for. 
The article is available online - 

Oh yes, the CN cars would have had Hutchins roofs, or a Viking roof that was virtually identical in appearance to the Hutchins roof. 

Hope this helps, 


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