Re: Diminishing hobby?

Bill Schneider <branch@...>

I agree with Tony about this one being hashed to death, but there is one fun
point I'd like about costs to make before I duck for cover....

Some time ago some wag figure out the cost per hour of model railroading
versus other pursuits. Turns out its a heck ofd a lot cheaper than golf...
Anyway, carrying that one step further - Lets say a $6.00 Athearn kit takes
you 10 minutes to assemble. In that case you would then have to spend $36.00
to fill one hour of hobby time. On the other hand, if it takes you 10 hours
to build a $30.00 Westerfield kit that's only $3.00 an hour.

Man, things have gotten cheap lately, haven't they.....

Bill Schneider
Heading for the fallout shelter

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