Re: UP A-50-16 Correction Decals for Trix DD Boxcar

Ken Adams


I try to confine my modeling to the 1948-52 period for freight rolling stock.  I would assume in that period that the car was still in it's original paint and lettering. I am not a UP specialist so if you say the #87-494 as advertised would be correct for an A-50-16 in this period, I will try to locate one.

Microscale's minimum order price is an economic barrier when you only want a few pieces of lettering from one decal. Even on paypal, the usually reliable Prantle's ad wants $13 including shipping.

In the meantime the Trix car can keep it's foobie status. It's not a lone foobie on my layout.

I need to find a copy of Richard Hendrickson's article on the UP A-50-16.  

Ken Adams
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