Re: New car monday

Tim O'Connor

very clean masking job on that roof !

On 4/12/2022 2:34 PM, Clark Propst via wrote:

While I was reworking the CIL car to a SOU car I also assembled and painted this RI AAR 37 mod box car. Both cars were finished this morning.
It's an Intermountain kit I've had for awhile wanting to turn it into a CNW riveted PS1. Last week we made a road trip to Caboose Stop Hobbies in Cedars Falls (watch their Utube videos, a real hoot) I picked up a Mask Island RI decal set and some Tru-color RI paint. I don't have a RI car right now and I do have a CNW riveted PS1, so the choice was easy. Only changes to the kit build was using Tichy straight 18" grabs on the end sills, A-Line sill steps and a complete Kadee Universal hand brake. What painting info I found did not mention the roof, so I assumed it was unpainted.


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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