Re: Tris UP (OWR&N) Running board and dates.

Bryian Sones

Yep Tim,

Indeed, it may take several different sheets to complete a UP car, but it beats waiting around for someone to make the decal available.  

Bryian Sones
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On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 08:06:27 AM PDT, Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:


by modernized I mean removal of running boards, installation of short
ladder(s) and crossover platforms, as prescribed by 1966 AAR rules. often
but not always accompanied by repainting.

On 4/12/2022 7:20 PM, Dick Harley via wrote:
> Not sure what you mean by "modernized", Tim, but the history of those
> cars (and other UP cars) is available at:
> For the B-50-27 class, you can start at :
> Cheers,
> Dick Harley
> Laguna Beach,  CA

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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