Re: Proto 2000 53'6" AAR 50 ton flat car

Tony Thompson

The early runs of P2k cars were all accurate prototypes because Richard Hendrickson was the advisor. Later on, I’m not so sure. 
Tony Thompson 

On Apr 14, 2022, at 5:41 PM, lsittler <lsittler@...> wrote
Hi  All- So  I got a good deal on one of these cars but it was lettered for MKT 13719. I've been thinking this car is a foobie and was going to repaint it for another road such as the NKP. However, my ORER for 1961 shows that the MKT had cars in series 13701-13725 which seem to match the dimensions of this car. Can anyone help here? Les Sittler 

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