Re: Proto 2000 53'6" AAR 50 ton flat car

Tim O'Connor

They are listed as 52'5" which makes them a foot shorter than the AAR design. Many received bulkheads and
the stake pockets may have been different as shown in this later photo of a rebuilt car. With only 50 ton capacity
they probably didn't last much longer.

On 4/14/2022 8:40 PM, lsittler wrote:
Hi  All- So  I got a good deal on one of these cars but it was lettered for MKT 13719. I've been thinking this car is a foobie and was going to repaint it for another road such as the NKP. However, my ORER for 1961 shows that the MKT had cars in series 13701-13725 which seem to match the dimensions of this car. Can anyone help here? Les Sittler 

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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