Re: UP A-50-16 Correction Decals for Trix DD Boxcar

Bryian Sones

Bryian Sones
Union Pacific Prototype Modeler
Murrieta, CA

On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 09:43:47 AM PDT, Dick Harley via <dick.harley4up@...> wrote:


Adding Info to a decal sheet for reweighs and journal repack or relube is always a dilemma when creating a decal sheet.  I try to include extra data and lettering for such info for the period that the particular lettering scheme was in effect.  But with UP, the BSSUP slogan stopped and the lettering color change from Armour Yellow to White in 1961.  So adding extra data in White to the all Armour Yellow sheet for BSSUP slogans is not something that occurred to me, nor have I discussed it with Microscale. 
Doing that might confuse more modelers than it helps.

Doing Armour Yellow lettering well is not possible with some decal manufacturing processes.  I'm trying to learn more about that.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA


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