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Steve and Barb Hile

White Rose was a gasoline trade name used by the National Refining Company.  They had some sort of relationship with Peerless Tank Lines.  In a 1938 ORER National Refining Company tank cars are listed as formerly Peerless and carrying PTLX markings.  There are no details of the sizes or configurations of the cars in the fleet.  However is you go back to the 1919 tariff you can find that PTLX had a few 3 compartment cars with a total capacity of about 8xxx gallons.


Someone with the full 1936 tariff could confirm whether these were still around.


Hope this helps to trigger some other thoughts.


Steve Hile


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This three dome tank car showed up trailing a steam loco, the main reason for the image.  I can make out the word Rose, Maybe White Rose?


The photo was taken after 1938, but can't find White Rose in the ORER.  What is the company name and what reporting marks did they use?  Any ideas on the builder of the 3 dome tank?  All the domes appear to be the same size.


Ted Schnepf

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