Re: Photos: Unloading Bulk Cement From Boxcars

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And no dust mask of course. 
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Photos: Unloading Bulk Cement From Boxcars

Photos from the Big Bend Railroad History blog courtesy of Dan Bolyard.


This screw pump was first envisioned by Alonzo Kinyon of the Fuller-Lehigh company and built in 1918 as a safe way to handle pulverized fuels. Kinyon discovered that dry pulverized materials assume a flowing, liquid-like consistency when properly mixed with air. In this fluidized condition, pulverized materials can move through a pipeline as a relatively dense column and at low velocity. He was looking for a better way to move pulverized coal, which was used as a fuel in boiler furnaces. Companies had used large fans to blow the dust through ducts, which created an explosion risk. Open conveyor belts were no better, since the dust they gave off could also spark an explosion. Area cement producers who were familiar with his product were quick to adopt his technology as a very practical means for easily moving the powdered cement. He was awarded a patent in 1925 for the pump.

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