Re: Model Poultry Car: LPTC 2501

Charles Peck

As a kid, I remember going with grandmother to a poultry market. They had live and dressed, 
and not just chickens. She usually bought live birds, which may have been cheaper than dressed.
At any rate, this was not for her a religious thing but she had grown up on a farm and this was 
usual for her. Kill, scald, pluck, clean it out and have on the supper table.  Routine for her day. 
Chuck Peck

On Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 3:51 PM Douglas Harding <iowacentralrr@...> wrote:
The attendant traveled with the car when it contained poultry, living in the center compartment. Responsible for feeding, watering, gathering eggs and disposing of dead birds. Transportation of live poultry was necessary to fulfil the requirements of the Jewish market, who would not purchase dressed birds.  

Doug Harding

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