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I usually use .010 for thus feature.  Although it is unlikely to be touched in handling this saves me from using .008 or .006 and having you straighten it later.

Bill Pardie

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From: Charles Greene <greenec1144@...>
Date: 5/3/22 11:37 AM (GMT-10:00)
Subject: [RealSTMFC] Westinghouse "K"-Series Brake System

This concerns an admittedly minute detail of the system, yet I'd still like to model it in HO. It's the control rod for the variable release valve on the air reservoir. Although the length varied depending on individual installation requirements dictated by the car design, I would think the diameter would probably have been the same in most cases. I haven't found a diagram that shows it in the car builders dictionaries or Westinhouse Co. pubs. 

Anybody know what the diameter is or what pub(s) might show it? Looking at photos of cars where I can see the rod, I'm guessing it's maybe 3/8 in. to 1/2 in.

        -Chuck Greene

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