Re: Unpainted roofs a new method (to me at least)

Nelson Moyer

The base color looks really good for fresh galvanized metal. Dirty it up with weathering and I think you’re right on.


From the photos of painted ribs on unpainted roofs, the painters weren’t too fastidious about straight lines, so a little slop is prototypical. I’ve used a black fine tip marker for ribs coated with car cement.


Nelson Moyer




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 Ed Hawkins and I exchanged emails on the roofs on the CB&Q 40’ Intermountain boxcar I’m building.  The car built by the railroad are thought to have been unpainted galvanized panels. The ribs were steel and being prone to rust were (probably) painted.  I wanted to break up the colors of the panels slightly and used Vallejo white, sea grey and blue to vary the hues.  Obviously some of the grey paint ended up on the ribs so I used a sewing needle in a pin vise and was able to scribe it along the raised area of the rib and the flat panel.  This cleaned up the paint and I could use the pin to scrape off any paint on the rib as well. 

Here’s a couple images. 

Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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