Re: Wanted: Chooch sugar beet loads - HO scale

Craig Wilson

A friend of mine had a layout based on a railroad that shipped taconite in ore cars via car ferry during the winter months when the lakes were iced over.  He made loads out of seeds (maybe Anise, I don't recall) that he thought looked very good.

One night he was in the basement and heard strange noises.  Upon investigation he found his car ferry model with ore cars derailed and. jammed up in the stern.  Yep . . . a mouse had gotten in and got trapped when chowing down on the seeds.  Fortunately he discovered this before the critter chewed a hole in the side of his prized car ferry model to escape.  After tracking down where mice were getting in, the seed loads were discarded and he looked for other solutions to model the loads.

So it is not just bugs.  Any potential food source can attract unwelcome visitors.

Craig Wilson

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