Re: Westerfield NYC 1916 Modernized boxcar off the workbench

Ken Adams

Thanks for all the comments about my grab iron hole drilling. My tools  and drilling setup are shown below.

My only explanation is that I might have gotten a bad batch of Gyros #78 drill bits.  I have never had such bad results as this before. I have been drilling grab iron holes since the 1980's. 
They last 4 were drilled with a #76 bit which did not break after 10/12 twists.  Note that I am using a Mascot twist drill with non rotating wood handle. Boelube (from Boeing development) was used on every new bit and when cleared. The holes and bits were cleared of plastic regularly as I drilled.  I have not had problems with Gyros bits before and found them to last often beyond one project.  I am now done with the 72 holes. The grab irons have been inserted and secured with Plasti-Zap Medium CA from behind. I will probably let primer and paint coats fill the gaps in the grab iron holes. 

 The next challenge is cutting the bolt heads off 72 Grandt Line 3/4 nut to glue above the grab irons.  Unfortunately my pipette glue applicator is clogged. Soaking in IPA now.

And I usually drink Irish whiskey not Scotch (unless I happen on an excellent single malt at an affordable price.)

My plan for the future is only build kits of more modern cars that have ladders not grab irons for reaching the car roof. 

Ken Adams
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