Re: Refrigerator Cars - Salt Water Drippings


     My uncle Joe McGrath was a civil engineer who worked for the Milwaukee Road (around the Chicago area) for part of his career. He mentioned that the Milwaukee would keep the loaded iced reefers on one track where double track existed. That like prior commenters above have posted, to keep corrosion on track switch components and bridge structures to where they could be more readily checked. He also talked about moments of motion when designing trestles and such that - the locomotives and more over cars - which we talk about modeling on this site. This was all was very entertaining, however perhaps wasted on my brother and I as we were teenagers then and while the topic was interesting, it remained in our brains as long as anything does with teenagers. Perhaps some here who worked on the Milwaukee Road would remember more. 
      However, I do recall reading in older Railway Ages about the roadbed cinders produced by steam locomotives and the brine becoming "batteries" and affecting signaling circuits with false currents.
                                                          That I think, could well be a driving force to contain the brine.                                                                      James Dick     Roseville, MN 

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