Re: UP Pre 1944 Boxcar red & GN 1937 cars

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

HI Eric and List Members,

I think Eric brings a legitimate point to the discussion. But I feel that in the greater overview of color and how we perceive it, in the end it will be a matter of personal taste and preference rather than a matter of objective certainty or measurable correctness.

All this being said, the yellow-ochre-tan stain on the side of the UP boxcar is still there and fully visible - I love it!

Claus Schlund

On 11-May-22 09:57, Eric Hansmann wrote:

I love the Jack Delano color images at the Library of Congress site. They have inspired my weathering efforts on many freight cars.

But, when we look deeper into these images I think we need to make adjustments. The original photo exposure takes into account the sky and background. IMHO, this makes the freight cars underexposed.This is especially true of the broader yard scenes in the Delano images.

I just edited the original TIF file to focus on the freight cars nearest the UP box car. After cropping, I adjusted the exposure and levels to produce the attached image.

The more exposed version brings out the color for additional comparison. Note the Michigan Central box car at the far right seems to be a closer match with the UP car color. There weren't any color adjustments to the original file, only exposure and levels were adjusted.

Is it proper to fool around with these images? I think we need to do this when we are reviewing and discussing a small portion of the larger image. YMMV.

Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

On 05/10/2022 10:49 PM Robert kirkham <rdkirkham@...> wrote:

I’ve been a bit sick so whiling away down time, and wandered back into the Library of Congress Delano photos again. This time, I was a bit intrigued by a note on the Utah Rails sight that a photo showing Union Pacific freight car paint prior to 1944 might look like.  The answer (I think) is documented in a photo discussed on this list many times previously: which shows UP 471087 at the Illinois Central South Water St yard in Chicago, apparently taken April 1943.   With the large Tiff file, one can zoom in and see cars very well.  So for 1943 UP freight car colour, here’s some evidence:

What i think is useful here is the comparison with the GNR red, the IC brown, the very dark Rock Island brown, and the NYC/Michigan Central oxide brown colour.  Very cool.  I imagine there is a pan pastel shade for that yellow colour weathering on the far side panels?   

But I was also really taken by the GN car built 6 years earlier.  The painted roof seem caps, bare galvenized roof contrasting with rust blooming through the paint on the top end panel, dust collected on each rib on the car ends, the black paint on the ends faded to a grimy gray-brown, the wood sheathing worn and streaked and the reporting marks and See America logo faded and worn.    I wonder how many Resin Car Works models of this car show this much weathering . . . 

Mine is on the to do pile, and i think this will be my inspiration.


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