Re: UP Pre 1944 Boxcar red & GN 1937 cars

Tim O'Connor


I think all I can say about that UP box car is that it is extremely filthy!

UP box cars were painted a brighter shade of oxide red than what many other railroads used and
that continued at least into the 1950's.

Contrast the color of the SP box car with the UP box car in this photo. The UP car is a bit dusty but
it's still clearly a brighter color than the SP's car.

Tim O'Connor

On 5/11/2022 12:49 AM, Robert kirkham wrote:

I’ve been a bit sick so whiling away down time, and wandered back into the Library of Congress Delano photos again. This time, I was a bit intrigued by a note on the Utah Rails sight that a photo showing Union Pacific freight car paint prior to 1944 might look like.  The answer (I think) is documented in a photo discussed on this list many times previously: which shows UP 471087 at the Illinois Central South Water St yard in Chicago, apparently taken April 1943.   With the large Tiff file, one can zoom in and see cars very well.  So for 1943 UP freight car colour, here’s some evidence:

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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