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Steve and Barb Hile

MCHX 117 is in the NMOT in St. Louis.  I took some pictures there in 2013.



The interior was/is accessible and I walked through it.



I was not surprised to see the round headed rivets on the interior.  But was surprised that they were also round headed on the exterior of the tank.  And that the wagon top cover was open at the bottom!



I wish that I knew better exactly what the jacket was designed to accomplish.  I think that it is less about insulation and more about containment of “lighter than air” vapors while in transit.


Steve Hile


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There are actually a few prototypes (MCHX is in a museum, I think St. Louis). I've attached all of the photos I have of this type of tank car. Note that most of them are post-WWI builds, with the bulk of them being built during WWII. Mostly, they were used to transport nitric acid.


Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL






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Yes, it has a prototype.



Dan Mitchell


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There is an interesting Ambroid kit of an early insulated tank car, shown below, also released as a Northeastern kit.  (Brass Trains has a built model of this, listed as brass but clearly the Ambroid kit, same decals and obvious builders error, for $225 ).  I would like to determine if this was a foobie (which I think would be uncommon for an Ambroid kit) as I have not been able to find any photographs of the car.  And if it is not a foobie, where there might be a builders diagram of the actual car.  Thank you for any leads...

<Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 9.09.52 AM.png>


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