Re: Related question: Vallejo equivalent to Polly Scale Light Freight Car Red

Ken Adams

Interesting story about Model Air Rust 71.080.  I first encountered it when I ordered Acrylic Box Car Red which was brand new back about 2013 from Micro Mark. I received 4 bottles of Vallejo Model Air Rust/Oxido 71.080 with a paper sticker saying it was Box Car Red.  I still have 3 bottles of it. 

My current rusty red oxide (after Charlie Duckworth's suggestion using Tru-Color) for a P&LE Rebuilt box car I am working on is 4 parts (80%) 70.982 Cavalry Brown mixed with 1 part (20%) 70.953 Flat Yellow thinned as needed for airbrushing.  Although I may cheat at that step and spray the body with Tamiya Red Oxide Surface Primer and hand brush a wash of the Cavalry Brown/Flat Yellow mix over the red oxide.

Ken Adams
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