Re: Aerial Photo: U.S. Navy Brooklyn Yard (1937)

Robert kirkham

Yes, right; the talk about the layout was just a bit of fun


On May 13, 2022, at 9:51 PM, Clarence Zink <clarence.zink@...> wrote:

Considering it is a photo taken from a high vantage point, and looking more closely, it is more likely that the leather bag is sitting on a concrete barrier of some sort.  (The edge of a multistory building, for instance.)  Note the dark particles in the grey matrix of the surface the bag is sitting on.  And the straight line from the upper right to the bottom left.  Also what appears to be a shadow to the left of the bag.  The shadow has a very sharp edge, further indicating some sort of sudden drop/barrier.  And notice how the outermost edge of the ties of the farthest right track is cut off by the same straight line that appears to be the edge of the concrete barrier.


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