Re: Rapido USRA double sheath and single sheath boxcar question

Eric Lombard

Good Morning, Jim

Insights about long-lived USRA wood boxcars in an original hardware appearance would be welcome.

Attached is an excel export from my box car database that contains data on 8838 series of box cars (and counting). 35 series were found that might be a beginning seed related to your appeal for information.

This result must be viewed with missing data in mind. Resources available may or may not have contained information on the application of new roofs, doors, and hand brake wheels and brake steps. Some of the 35 series may include information of this sort but each needs to be reviewed in detail which I have not done. In addition, several series. not included here, where ORER counts have not yet been determined past the '50s may produce additional cars for the '60s. This can become a happy small project for me if the possibility of additional series are valuable to you. Let me know off line. The database can also produce for each series the bibliography used as well as citations for published photographs

Double click on any cell to see all data in the cell. Export from the database to excel sometimes introduces errors in formatting and data. A review of this export indicates formatting errors are common in the "Service" field. These errors do not prohibit understanding but require a bit of contemplation at times. A workaround is to copy a service field and paste it into a text file. 

Hope this is useful to you.

Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

On Thu, May 12, 2022 at 10:58 PM Jim Mischke <jmischke@...> wrote:

Regarding the past Rapido USRA double sheath boxcar and upcoming USRA single sheath boxcar release ..... and I am having trouble finding any road names for such boxcars that lasted up to and past 1960 in their original hardware appearance in general interchange.   AB brakes replaced K-brakes of course.   Plenty were rebuilt with aftermarket sides, not yet Rapido offerings.

Some ORER entries within and past this group's 1920-60 base timeline show several hardy CNJ USRA single-sheath boxcars still around, yet they may have been in lead-zinc service between the two Palmerton, NJ. smelters, a very short on-line move.

Some TH&B double-sheath boxcars were still around in yellow paint, yet they may have been operating on-line LCL service.

B&O's M-24 USRA single sheath boxcars were converted en masse to company service about 1953 or so.  They lasted a long time yet were not in revenue service anymore.   The last M-24a/b boxcars equippped with hoppers for cement loading lost their jobs about 1958.

Insights about long-lived USRA wood boxcars in an original hardware appearance would be welcome.

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