Re: PFE 9245x R-30-5 in April 1943 - still in late 1920s paint?

Tony Thompson

Rob Kirkham wrote:

Continue to explore what is lurking in the Delano collection, and found this very partial image of PFE 9245X.   It is past the shed, among the nearer cars one track to its left (a little lower and further left than the two aluminum or white coloured tanks).   Being only casually acquainted with the PFE, I went to the ORER first, and then to the PFE book and Tony Thompson’s blog.   Still wondering what I’m seeing.   So, not trying to be provocative but the photo makes me curious. 

<Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 7.39.48 PM.png>

My understanding has been that the earlier, more yellow, PFE colour would have been long gone by the mid 1930s (see p.117 of the PFE book by Thompson, Church & Jones, 2nd ed.) but this photo (8-9 years after 47606 cars had been (re)-painted) doesn’t show orange.  

Rob, it’s well known that PFE orange weathered/faded to a yellowish color. That’s what you see.

Tony Thompson

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