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Benjamin Frank Hom <b.hom@...>

Bill Lane wrote:
In 100 words or less, what is your single favorite Steam Era Freight Car,
and WHY? Principal contributors Ted Culotta and Ben Hom are required to

PRR Class X29: It wasn't the first steel boxcar. It had three significant
design limitations: a side sill design that trapped water, when combined
with a leaky roof design, led to significant corrosion problems in virtually
every car built. Additionally, the car had a smallish cubic capacity due to
its 8 ft 7 in IH. The Pennsy kept it in production so long that it was
obsolescent by the time the last one was built in 1932. But the Pennsy
built 28,701 of them, and they showed up in every kind of freight and
passenger (as express cars) all over North America from 1924 into the 1960s.
You simply can't model a steam era freight train without at least one.

Runner-up - NYC USRA-design steel boxcar: Just as numerous as the X29 when
you add up all of them system wide, but sorely underrepresented on almost
every steam-era layout. Another car you just got to have to model a steam
era freight train.

Ben Hom

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