Re: Dry Ice Corp reefer, DICX ?? 218? in May 1943

Robert kirkham

Great selection of photos Tim.   Given the illegibility of the reporting mark in the Delano photo, no.208 in your email may even be the same car (with different lettering in some places).  

I spent a little more time reading the 1953 ORER for Pure Carbonic Company, and found the listing for 100 cars in series 160-259.  The cars were 25’ interior length, 6’ 1” IW and 6’ IH.



On May 15, 2022, at 9:23 AM, Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

There were dry ice reefers (attached) and later on (mid 1950's) Pure Carbonic began to operate
a fleet of insulated box cars (RB bunkerless refrigerators) and those ran into the 1970's!

Tim O'Connor

On 5/15/2022 9:36 AM, William Dale wrote:
     During the Valley Forge RPM, Steve Funaro presented on the dry ice cars of the era. While the photo attached is a finished kit he released, and not necessarily this exact topic, the car in question was touched off upon. Now, Steve did express an interest in doing these particular style of cars, it may be quite a time till we see it, but maybe it may be worth a try to contact them. Just a thought.


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts <dicx_208 40ft_reefer MDT PureCarbonic dryice circa 1956.jpg><dicx_128 40ft_reefer MDT partial-view PureCarbonic dryice PhiladelphiaPA 5-15-1949.ebay.jpg><dicx_190 40ft_reefer MDT PureCarbonic dryice BuffaloNY shopdate 12-52 scrap date 6-58.JParker 118.jpg><dicx_374 40ft_box RB rebuild PureCarbonic dryice shopdate 3-57.ebay.firstout.jpg>

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