Re: St Louis Refrigerator Car Co

gary laakso

Sunshine offered two versions:one with truss rods and one without.  They were UN kits to build.

Gary Laakso
Northwest of Mike Brock

On May 14, 2022, at 4:23 AM, Charlie Duckworth <omahaduck@...> wrote:

Thanks for all the replies and images.  Lester Brewer upgraded a pre painted Accurail reefer that was done for a NMRA convention as one of his blogs.  Am thinking that’s a logical choice for a decal set.  SLRX also had bunkerless 36’ (or 34’?) reefers.  Is there a close model that could be converted to one of these cars as well?   

Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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