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Ed Hawkins

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Given the SHPX markings on the early kit, is it reasonable to think the that car was built by AC&F?

Following is a list of ACF dry ice cars built with sides in which the upper part are sloped. Build dates range from 1935 to 1946. Several prior orders built from 1932 to 1935 had straight sides. In the list the 4-digit ACF lot no. is followed by the reporting marks, car no. series, quantity built, and build date. As the roster denotes, there were relatively few cars of this type built by ACF with all 38 built at the Chicago plant.

1409 - LCIX 1006-1010, 5, 5-35
1487 - MALX 5016-5017, 2, 5-36
1643 - MAWX 5018-5019, 2, 5-37
1681 - MAWX 5020, 1, 1937 (month unknown)
1801 - MAWX 5021-5023, 3, 4-38
2206 - MAWX 5024-5027, 4, 5-41
2427 - MAWX 5028-5032, 6, 4-42
2828 - SHPX 1500-1514, 15, 3-46 (leased to Mathieson) 

Painting specs for all cars: aluminum superstructure; black underframe, grabs, hand brake, brake rigging, and trucks. Stencils for the LCIX cars were green & vermillion. Stencils were black for MALX, MAWX, SHPX. Incidentally, these cars were not all of the same exact design. ACF drawings denote the same general arrg’t drawing applied to lots 1487, 1643, and 1681. A difference g/a drawing applied to lots 2206, 2427, and 2828. Lots 1409 and 1801 both had a g/a drawing unique to each lot number. In addition are 4 g/a drawings for dry ice cars with straight sides for MALX and LCIX. Four brake arrg’t drawings cover one lot with straight sides and three that apply to all 8 lots with sloped sides. 

The National Museum of Transportation has these g/a and b/a drawings plus numerous detail parts these cars. 

Contact me OFF-LIST if interested in obtaining a PDF of the available drawings. While I can provide the drawing list, the NMOT processes the orders.

Ed Hawkins

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