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Kenneth Montero

Walthers once made cast-metal ribs for boxcars:.

No. 946-3001 were sheet metal pressed to create a rib.

No. 946-933 was a white metal casting (with running board saddles cast into the rib).

By today's standards, both lack detail, but may be a guide for scratchbuilding generic roof ribs from strips of styrene plastic. They may show up on Ebay or at a train shew, as they have long been out of production.

I am not aware of anyone currently manufacturing roof ribs separate from a roof casting.

Ken Montero

ByOn 05/16/2022 8:13 AM Walter Cox via <waltgcox@...> wrote:

I am working on a six covered hopper car build and will require ribs for all 6 roofs. Is there a source for decent ribs or am I looking at scratch building them. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. The cars involved are the CNR semi clones of the AFC NYC cars. (Yeah, the old E & B Valley kits but they are the only game in town  and I have already scaled down the side ribs.)

In a message dated 5/16/2022 2:19:29 AM Eastern Standard Time, repairman87@... writes:

I have the General Arrangement drawings from AC&F of this car so it was definitely but by them.

I ordered one of these kits off of Ebay.  I will compare it to the drawings.  I looked at the photos of the Ebay kit and noticed the drawings indicate a miner lever hand brake not an Ajax.  Also the roof should have ribs where the seams meet.  Both of these should be easy fixes.  The underframe isn't even close to the General Arrangement drawings.  It has different cross members and the brake rigging is different.  The GA drawings call for leverage cams and other oddities for the time period.  Again certainly over comeable 

All that said I am excited to get the model.  It will build into a unique model.  Plus it's always a good day when new resin kits come out.

Scott McDonald 

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